Enabling Transformation through Value-Based Care

Montefiore Care Management Organization (CMO) has been a pioneer in advancing the transformation of our industry through value-based care and population health management for over 20 years. Our singular focus has been on managing the total cost of care while improving the quality, delivery and experience of healthcare for patients and providers.

Population Health is our Core Focus

Montefiore CMO uniquely resides at the nexus of a vast web of providers, payers, employers and community-based organizations. We believe it is always critical to drive toward the alignment of incentives across these key stakeholders.

Connecting a Complex Healthcare Ecosystem

This requires collaboration and partnership with organizations all along the healthcare value chain. We are constantly pushing the envelope to design and deploy innovative programs that will bend the cost curve and enable long-term success.

Complex Healthcare Ecosystem
Population Health Management

Population Health Management

The CMO takes a whole-person care approach to meet the needs of a community with differentiated healthcare requirements. From identifying and stratifying the needs of a population to handling care transitions with regard to disease and utilization management, Montefiore works to accelerate the transition to community integration for its managed care population.
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Integrated Behavioral Health

Our comprehensive behavioral management services are closely integrated into the CMO's Care Management offerings and are designed to manage the full spectrum of medical and behavioral healthcare needs of our patients. Behavioral healthcare services are delivered through our University Behavioral Associates (UBA) division.
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Clinically Integrated Care Models

Patients with chronic conditions account for the vast majority of U.S. healthcare expenditures. The CMO provides a wide array of clinical specialty programs, as specialists are well positioned to implement new payment models to stem the progression of chronic conditions and actively maintain patient engagement.
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Payer and Provider Alignment

The CMO has a rich history of working collaboratively with payer organizations. Montefiore has always recognized that both payers and providers offer valuable insight into the whole patient and so has always sought to establish this symbiotic relationship to maximize the impact upon patient outcomes, cost savings and quality management.
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Employer Partnership Solutions

As a healthcare system that employs over 40,000 individuals, Montefiore understands the challenges employers face in providing quality and affordable healthcare to their employees and the importance of having employees come to work each day healthy, happy and ready to be productive.
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Children and Family Services

We have partnered with state and local agencies to deliver programs tailored to support families including couples and children. We offer services for family members of all ages that include strengthening spousal and parental relationships, communication skills, conflict resolution and gaining financial stability to foster overall health and well-being.
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Comprehensive Training Programs

The CMO offers a comprehensive set of training and education services, ranging from content and curriculum development to in-person training delivery. Over its 20-plus years, the CMO has developed a robust knowledge base of content and tools to support advanced Population Health Management (PHM) and care coordination training programs through its Care Management Learning and Innovation (CLI) division.
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Our Team

The CMO comprises an experienced and committed group of professionals who are united through their passion for transforming the way healthcare is delivered and experienced. These Population Health Management and care-management staff members are skilled at managing the needs of complex and diverse patient populations as well as the individual needs of the whole person. They are led by an experienced team that has been on the forefront of value-based care and technology innovation for over two decades, bringing real-world expertise and perspectives to a rapidly transforming landscape.
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