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Corporate HQCMO, Montefiore Care Management

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Montefiore Care Management Customer Service

  • Phone: 888-MONTECMO or 914-377-4400
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  • Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Credentialing and Payer Enrollment

  • Phone: 914-377-4690
  • Fax: 914-377-4691

Medical Management

  • Fax: 914-377-4798
  • EmblemHealth:
    or 877-447-6668
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Provider Relations

  • Phone: 914-377-4477
  • Fax: 914-377-4794

University Behavioral Associates (UBA)

  • Phone: 800-401-4UBA or 914-377-4550
  • Fax: 914-377-4788


For hospitals, healthcare organizations and provider networks, ensuring that physicians, dentists, allied health and other practitioners are qualified to treat patients is of paramount importance. Montefiore Care Management provides full-service credentialing and privileging services to help organizations determine whether applicants in a variety of health care specialties are qualified to practice.  We provide initial credentialing as well as re-credentialing services. Our customer-oriented approach ensures that we stay in contact with providers at every step of the credentialing process.

Please contact or call our Credentialing Office at 914-377-4690 to make changes or additions to your records.