Utilizing technology to improve quality of care

Critical to our success and the success of our clients is our understanding that technology plays an important part in the delivery of knowledgeable, coordinated care.  Over the years, Montefiore Care Management has developed a wealth of experience in the use of electronic health records, electronic claims systems, care management tools, electronic prescribing and decision support technology.  Through our affiliation with Montefiore Medical Center and the support of our sister company, Emerging Health, Montefiore Information Technology, Montefiore Care Management has access to leading healthcare IT applications and the support of a state-of-the-art, highly secure data center.

Data Analysis and Support

Our data analysis team comprises highly qualified healthcare analysts, biostatisticians, and project managers with access to the latest data mining, data warehousing and reporting tools to provide critical healthcare business intelligence.  Montefiore Care Management has access to advanced technology for stratifying populations by illness burden to predict resource consumption at the patient level. Our reporting capabilities provide us with data that is meaningful and actionable by front line providers.  Our predictive modeling tools allow us to use historical claims information to score patients’ risk of hospital readmissions and create proactive interventions that may prevent readmissions.

Care Management Solutions

In care management, collecting, storing and having access to patient data allows us to provide our clients with practical, powerful and effective information to improve the quality, process and outcome of patient care while managing costs.  Our clinical documentation software records demographics, health risk assessments and patient-specific treatment plans to assist in coordinating services and enhance patient outcomes.

Secure Online Messaging for Patients and Providers

Montefiore Care Management was an early adopter of online services to support the communications between doctors and their patients, garnering national attention for its use of online patient portals and e-mail communication programs. The online patient portal allows patients to email doctors who agree to use the service, request appointments and prescriptions and maintain a private patient health record.  Montefiore Care Management also utilizes the MyMontefiore service to send important messages to patients concerning flu epidemics, medication recalls and seasonal health hazards.